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2 hour CE requirement effective with Pharmacist Current
Renewal period (64B16-27.831)
Mandatory Continuing Education:
All pharmacists shall
complete a Board-approved 2-hour continuing education course
on the Validation of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances.
The course content shall include the following:
(a) Ensuring access to controlled substances for all patients
with a valid prescription;
(b) Use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program’s Database;
(c) Assessment of prescriptions for appropriate therapeutic value.

License Renewals will undergo 100% CE audit by the
Board of Pharmacy.
In 2013, the Board began testing 100% CE hour audits through
CE Broker.  This year, pharmacist and technician renewals  will
undergo a full audit of continuing education hours prior to being
allowed to renew. If you do not meet the CE requirements, the
renewal process will be halted.

What is the difference between CE Broker and CPE
CE Broker maintains records of all continuing education credits
taken by registrants from Florida Approved CE providers
(of which DCPA is one).  CE Broker will send all CE credits
posted in the individual registrant's account to the Board of
Pharmacy to confirm full compliance with CE requirements
for re-licensure in Florida.

CPE Monitor, on the other hand, is a national repository of CE
(as is CE Broker), but it only tracks ACPE approved CE
programs.  The Florida Board of Pharmacy relies on CE Broker
for CE credit monitoring, not CPE Monitor.  However, if you are
licensed by jurisdictions that require ACPE CE Credits, you
must provide your CPE Monitor information to those providers
such that they can post your CE.

What is the CE Broker Subscription I receive with my DCPA
In October 2013 the DCPA board of directors approved paying
CE Broker Subscriptions to DCPA members as a benefit to
help in the new 100% audit for licensure renewal.  Once you
are a paid member, your license information is added to CE
Broker as a DCPA member and you are issued your login and
password information.  If you forgot your login, call CE Brokers,
tell them you are a DCPA member and they will walk you
through the process.

The subscriptions allows you to see how many credits you
have, what type of credits you are still missing and generally,
keeps track of all of your Florida CE Requirements.

What happens if CE Broker does not have all of my hours?
I often take ACPE approved credits from non-Florida
You may self-report ACPE hours on CEBroker.  You simply
follow the steps on the web site to add your CE.  CE Brokers
will be sending a list of licensees who have not met their  hour
requirement approximately 3 months after the renewal cycle.  
It is still a good idea to keep a file with your CE credit slips in
the event of an audit.

Do I need HIV for my renewal?
1 hour of HIV is required for all pharmacists and technicians
renewing their licenses for the first time.  After that, there is no
HIV requirement for relicensure.

What is CPE Monitor and do I still need CE Brokers?
CE Brokers is required by Florida law as the clearinghouse for
CE credits.  CPE Monitor is the NAPB/ACPE clearinghouse for
ACPE CE credits for other states.  So, if you are licensed
in other states in addition to Florida, you may want to set up
your CPE Monitor (free) account so that your ACPE hours
can be credited to the appropriate
FAQs (cont)
Are there any CE requirements for Technicians?
The technician renewal on December 31, 2018,  are required to
complete 20 hours of CE per biennium.  Of these 20 hours, 2 must
be Medication Errors & Law, 4 must be live CE and on first
renewal 1 hour of HIV.  (HIV is not required for subsequent renewals).

What number should the Technician use for CE credits - their
RPT number or their PTCB
Florida CE requires re-registration
therefore,  the technician must submit the RPT number to post CE
credit.  PTCB (technician certification) has other CE requirements
that are required to maintain certification (which is different than
Florida registration)

Do I have to keep the CE Certificate I receive at a CE Program?
YES!!!  If there are any problems and/or issues with the provider
posting credit to your account on CE Broker or you are audited by
another state, the CE Certificate is your receipt of attendance.  It is
recommended that certificates be kept for at least one renewal cycle.

Can I get partial credit for Recertification CE on my Consultant
As of 2009, the Board is allowing providers to seek RCE approval
for courses not less than 3 hours in length.  Many providers are
issuing credit in 3 hour blocks to be applied toward recertification.  
The licensee cannot submit the same 3 hour course taken at
different times as RCE (i.e. no "double dipping").

If I run out of time and cannot complete my full credits for
licensure renewal, what options do I have?
The first advice, is make sure that you plan ahead and get your
credits way before the deadline.  Remember, all ACPE credits
are valid in Florida,
special Board approval is required for
Medication Errors,
Consultant Pharmacist, & Nuclear
Pharmacists credits.  There are a host of journals, web sites, etc.
that offer credits.

If you have experienced a hardship (due to health, accident, etc.) you
can petition the Board for an extension.  They will work with you.
You don't want to be delinquent on CE requirements.  You will be
disciplined and a mark remains on your license forever, not to
mention the fees, penalties, etc. that you end up paying.

Can I count extra CE Credits I obtained for general CE toward
my Consultant License?
No.  Consultant license renewal requires attendance at courses
specifically designated as Recertification CE (RCE).  If, however,
you take extra RCE (>24hr in 2 years) you can count these toward
general CE requirements.

On the Horizon:
We have been informed (June 2015) that both CPE Monitor and
PTCB along with CE Broker are working to facilitate the posting and
reporting of CE credits within each respective institutions.  Since it
is a matter of computer programming - it is up to the IT folks to see
how this can be facilitated to make the practitioner's life a bit easier.  
We will keep you posted.
Dade County Pharmacy Association
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Mandatory CE - 5 hour Program
Sponsored by Interamerican Pharmacists Association and Dade
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Registration starts at 7AM
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OnLine CE sponsored by the
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On-Line courses for Florida Board of Pharmacy approved courses such as Medication
Errors, HIV, Consultant Pharmacy Recertification, and general continuing education are
available from the FPA. Visit
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