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New 2 hour CE requirement effective with Pharmacist
Current Renewal period (64B16-27.831)

Mandatory Continuing Education: All pharmacists shall complete a
Board-approved 2-hour continuing education course on the Validation of
Prescriptions for Controlled Substances. The course content shall include
the following:
(a) Ensuring access to controlled substances for all patients with a valid
(b) Use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program’s Database;
(c) Assessment of prescriptions for appropriate therapeutic value.
HOLD THE DATE:  JANUARY 26-27, 2019.
Over 140 pharmacists and technicians participated in the 22nd Annual Residency
Program held on January 2

The 2 track program was a resounding success.  Participants embraced the ability
to control what topics
. Topics were selected from requests that have been
submitted throughout the last few programs.   We are returning to the Hilton
Double Tree Hotel Miami Airport.
Carla Luque - DCPA President
The Dade County Pharmacy Association is proud to announce that Pharmacists Marcus and Luque have agreed to serve as
president and president-elect for the upcoming 2 years.

The office of the
President is the most important office in our Unit Association. The President provides the leadership and guidance
the Association needs to be successful. The President has overall responsibility for seeing that the Association provides the positive,
supportive environment its members need to fulfill their goals. The Association actively recruits new members and retains current
ones.  As the Association's leader, one of the President's responsibilities is to analyze and evaluate the Association's strengths and
weaknesses and help the Association become the best it can be. As this is done, there will be the opportunity to develop and
practice leadership skills that can be used in all areas of life. The President will set goals, plan, develop strategies, delegate, coach
and recognize people for their efforts.

The President-Elect...
•         Assists in developing and implementing plans for the growth and development of the Association.
•         Encourages members to participate in the Association's activities and programs.
•         Attends and participate in Executive Committee meetings.
•        Presides in the absence of the President.
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DCPA Bylaws - Under Revision

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