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New 1 hour CE requirement effective with all pharmacy
practitioners' next renewal period for one time only.

Mandatory Continuing Education: Pharmacists and Pharmacy
Technicians must complete a one hour continuing education (CE) course
on human trafficking that has been specifically approved by the Board of
Pharmacy for this purpose. The course must be completed by January 1,
2021 and will count towards the required CE for renewal. The bill does not
require that this course be taken again for future renewal cycles.

Click this link to
Florida Department of Health Human Trafficking Web Site.
Over 150 pharmacists and technicians participated in the 24th Annual Residency
Program held on January 2020.

1 hour of human trafficking and 2 hours of Controlled Substance Validation in
addition to 12 hours of Consultant or General CE were provided.

The 3 track program was a resounding success.  Participants embraced the ability
to control what topics. Topics were selected from requests that have been
submitted throughout the last few programs.   We are returning to the Hilton
Double Tree Hotel Miami Airport.

This year we will be showcasing 48 South Florida Residents that are completing
their postgraduate training in facilities throughout South Florida. We had 3
concurrent tracks that replicate the same topic across the 3 tracks.  Each resident,
however, has exercised their own creativity and expertise to develop their
individual program.
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